About us

Thank you for checking out our site, we are Tom and Susan, a husband and wife team living on the North Carolina coast.  We have spent our adult lives raising six children, in and around the Marine Corps and our kids are now grown; some are even having kids of their own. We truly love being grandparents, one of God's greatest gifts.

After Tom retired from the Marine Corps a few years ago, and we now have an “empty nest”, we decided to turn a hobby into a part-time business, so we started Coastal Creative Designs, LLC. We hope our hobby becomes a viable means of livelihood after we retire from our full-time jobs, in a few years. Our “shop” is a mix between a personalized gift shop and a boutique. If there is something you want but don’t see it, let us know and we will try to provide it.

Susan has a passion for creating anything that can be treasured as a keepsake, and she loves personalized items.  She believes a personalized item means more, especially as a gift, instead of something simply store bought.  She enjoys creating gifts that capture a time in someone's life, such as: a new school year, a graduation, a wedding, a birth, a religious experience, a promotion, a sports achievement or simply a sporting activity - anything that has special meaning to someone you love.   So, creating your keepsakes will be her passion. 

Susan’s hidden passion is dressing little ones up in cute matching clothes.  With three grandchildren to practice on, she wants to spread her passion to others, so you will see a lot of baby and children’s clothing items.  And of course, since we live on the coast, anything beach related.  

Tom will be making custom wood products useful around the home or yard, and he also does the etching for Susan’s crafts.   Tom’s wood shop is still under construction, we are planning to have products available by mid-June.  So, check back soon for wood crafts. 

If you don't see something you really want, send us an email we will be happy to see if we can create or find whatever it is you desire. We do hope you enjoy our shop, our products and your shopping experience.  We aim to please and to only sell quality products; our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. If we fall short in anyway please feel free to send us your comments.  If we have met or even exceeded your expectations, please tell a friend.

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Many thanks,

Tom and Susan